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Mary Ellen Lemieux, Psychotherapist
May Ellen Lemieux, Psychoterapist
Psychotherapy for adults, teens and families



I grew up in the Midwest, and will always love "bars" instead of cookies, canned bean salad, and football Saturdays in the Big House. Despite living in the Bay Area for more than--a very long time, I remain close to my Midwestern values of integrity, hard work and Sunday dinners.

As a family therapist, I enjoy working with families who have teens and young adults transitioning out of wilderness therapy or residential treatment, and are returning back home.  I also work with families who are struggling to keep their teens or families safe due to acting out, school refusal, crippling anxiety, depression or eating disorders.  If your current strategies aren't working, I am happy to share my professional and personal experience with you, and am willing to collaborate with other professionals on your team.

Much of my work with families is focused on helping parents set limits with their children, and more importantly, hold those limits when things get a little complicated, or when the honeymoon of being together ends. 

As an individual therapist, I enjoy working with adults, particularly mothers, who are overwhelmed, at their wit's end, or simply need to process their week.  I also enjoy working with young adults and teens who are experiencing anxiety, depression, attention issues, or have a history of abuse or trauma.  

My past experience includes working with elementary and middle school students,  low-income single mothers, as well as with highly resourced families experiencing divorce, separation, substance abuse, mental health crises, financial stress or co-parenting conflict.

I've been married for over 30 years, and have three mostly-grown children - 25 is the new 18. Over the years, I've attended more than my share of soccer games, piano recitals, IEP's and traffic court appearances. My kids also have attended private and public school, and I can speak to the benefits of each.